In India today, the freedom of the people is being compromised in a number of ways.


We find that the over the years, a strange mind-set has developed among the governing classes of India, viz. the Executive, the Legislative, the Judiciary, the Fourth Estate- the Media as well as the Fifth Estate- the Activists, of advocating various causes, which result in the imposition of particular value systems and attitudes upon the rest of the country.


The tendency of justifying various causes and imposition of these values has resulted in adoption of a large set of “Restrictive Practices in India” which is retarding and restricting the growth of India, in a variety of ways.


To illustrate, in the name of so called “Social Justice”, a host of policies have been evolved and legislations brought forth, which have significantly curtailed the right to equality as is enshrined in the constitution.


The concept of social justice has been defined in ways so as to promote policies that favour certain caste groups; various justifications are advanced, to justify the adoption of these policies. The result is that casteism has been given a kind of constitutional sanction. Instead of fighting for removal of casteism, the government is actually endorsing and even promoting casteism.


The above is only to illustrate the point, a host of other such issues can be found which can be called as Restrictive Practices.


India today, is strangled in a cobweb of multitudes of legislations, regulations and rules which has stifled the vital energy of the people and retarded the growth of the country, so essential for lifting the masses out of abject poverty.


In addition, India is also witnessing a very strange political mindset, where the politicians seem to be obsessed with furthering their own agenda rather than the public agenda. There is a growing tendency of indulging in breast beating over trivial issues whereas important issue hardly occupy the attention of the nation.


There seems to be a dire need to affect a major overhaul in the attitudes and value systems of the Indian polity.


This website aims to list out such restrictive practices, make people aware of such restrictive practices, and advocate removal of these from the lives of Indians, so as to realise the full potential of the people of India.



Why should we come together?


In today’s India, we find that there is a growing tendency for one group of people to tell others, how to live and how not to live.


We often find that one group of people is telling others, what to eat? What not to eat? How to dress? How not to dress? How to behave? and how not to behave? and so on.


A deeper analysis of the issue brings us to an inescapable conclusion that the freedom of the general public is increasingly being compromised as small groups of people try to impose their own “Set of Values” upon others.


Of course, the value systems of one group of people may differ widely from the value systems of others. The essence of Freedom lies in the fact that in modern democratic societies, each person is granted the inalienable right to determine what is good for him or her.


This is the very bedrock upon which the idea of democracy rests and is built upon.


Freedom, and therefore democracy, in essence, is all about granting and protecting this inalienable right of the people to determine their own set of values.


What we are advocating on this website is different from the so called “Intolerance Debate”.


The intolerance debate is important but a small part of the larger issue of protection of freedom.