The Rashtriya Samata Vichar Manch has been created as a Registered Trust under the Indian Trust Act 1882, by the Chairman Shri Samir Singh Chandel IAS (Retd).


Shri Chandel was selected in the prestigious Indian Administrative Service in the year 1989, has served in the state of Rajasthan for last 25 years in various capacities.


He took Voluntary Retirement from service at a relatively early age of 50 years, which was made effective since 1st April 2015.


Shri Chandel had a distinguished career in the IAS. He served as the Collector & DM of Sawai Madhopur District in Rajasthan, was Executive Director of RIICO, Managing Director of Rajasthan Dairy Federation and Tribal Development Federation. The last substantive post held was that of Commissioner and Secretary, Higher Education Department, Government of Rajasthan.


The abject poverty of the people in Rajasthan and a hypocritically inefficient and lethargic attitude of the government, in solving the problems of the people, coupled with high degree of corruption caused a deep sense of anguish in Shri Chandel’s heart.


He took great pains to study in depth, the various problems ailing the structure of governance in India and sought diligently to find solutions to the problems of inefficiency and corruption. He spent years in reading about various development issues of the Third World in general and India in particular.


Another issue, which affected Shri Chandel intensely was the issue of Reservation in government jobs, something that impacted the efficiency of the government structure directly.


When in 1990, he had joined the state government of Punjab, as IAS (Under Training), the country was plunged into the Mandal Agitation, which cost many innocent lives, as several youngsters, deeply troubled by the sheer injustice of the concept of reservation, gave up their innocent lives.


The Mandal Agitation deeply impacted the young and impressionable mind of Shri Chandel, who was only 26 years old, and at that time, he resolved to work tirelessly towards creation of real justice in India, as different from the phony and fraudulent concept of justice that was being marketed under the guise of “Social Justice”.


Later, in the decades of 90s and the forst decade of the new millennium, India saw the unfolding of the system of reservation for OBCs as per Mandal guidelines, and the subsequent expansion of reservations in promotions etc.


The country also witnessed several agitations, with several communities demanding reservations on various pretext, a phenomenon which has witnessed prosperous communities like the Patidars in Gujarat, Jats in Haryana and Rajputs in UP demanding the benefits of reservations.


On account of the overall direction that India was taking, especially after the advent of Shri Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, Shri Chandel decided that a serious attempt was required to bring the intellectual class of India together so as to guide and inspire the youth of the country, so as to affect a fundamental change in the polity of the country.


With this aim, he has set up the Rashtriya Samata Vichar Manch, to change the direction of polity in India.


He has written three books, The Fourth Republic, The Priest and the Pilgrim. These books are in the process of being published.


He is married to Shubhra Singh, a batch-mate from the IAS who he met in Mussoorie, while under training. They have two sons, Dhruvraj and Adhiraj. While Dhruv is a PHD scholar in the University of Bath UK, Adhiraj is a second year student of Electronics Engineering in New Delhi. Shri Chandel lives in New Delhi.