Indiafree is a website dedicated to the important issue of protection and preservation of freedom in India.

Freedom is that fundamental and inalienable right of an individual which enables that person to lead a life free from restrictions, prohibitions and restraint. Freedom is to be able to determine one’s own actions as one desires.

Freedom of speech, thoughts, beliefs, actions and to be able to carry out the life’s activities are some of the basic freedoms available to man.

Freedom is not absolute, as freedom of one person may impinge upon the freedom of others. Therefore by definition and practices, all societies impose certain reasonable restrictions upon the freedoms available to its citizens.

However, in the last several years, there has been a growing tendency for imposition of a plethora of “Restrictive Practices” on one pretext or another, in India, which has severely restricted the common freedom available to Indian citizens.

An unbridled rise of Restrictive Practices not only leads to the freedom available to common citizens getting curtailed but it also retards the growth and development of the nation.

These restrictions may be in the form of moral policing, religious interpretations or even laws and rules imposed by the government, liberal and advocacy organizations or even religious bodies.

Restrictive practices may be advocated both by the Right wing as well as the Left wing liberals and pseudo-liberals. Both tendencies go on to effect the free and unhindered enjoyment of freedom by common citizens.

There is thus, a need to strike the right balance between the concepts of “Freedom” and “Restrictive Practices” in India.

This website endeavours to provide a forum for discussion and debate on issues concerning freedom of citizens as well as the restrictions imposed upon them.

There is also another very important issue – that of “Reservation” in India. In the name of ‘Social Justice’ the Indian political system provides for caste based quotas in education and government jobs.

This so called practice of ‘Affirmative Action’ has degenerated into a ridiculous race, as various political parties of India try to outdo the others, in trying to include more and more castes within the ambit of reservations, with an eye upon their vote bank.

The practice of reservations is one of the most serious instances of curtailment of freedom of ordinary citizens, and therefore needs to be opposed in all its forms.

Even though the practice of reservation is totally unscientific and grossly unjust, no political party has the courage to stand up against it. Therefore, this website endeavours to provide a forum for discussion on this issue.

Indiafree is sponsored and operated by the Rashtriya Samata Vichar Manch, a Trust constituted by Shri Samir Singh Chandel, an ex IAS officer.